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Legal Search

We understand that our clients prefer to stay in control of their own recruitment processes. At the same time organizations would like to be able to use all possible tools to find the right candidates.

We believe that recruiters and recruitment departments are well able to find candidates with the tools they possess. However, it's not always possible for them to proactively approach possible candidates that already have another job. Therefore HDDN Legal Search chooses to provide its clients with an additional service.

We proactively approach candidates who are not actively seeking a career move. With this service our clients will not only stay in control of their own recruitment processes, but they will also reach out to additional possible candidates who are fit for the job.

HDDN Legal Search uses the latest IT technologies in the field of recruitment. Our recruitment system is tailor made for the legal market and by using this software combined with our extensive knowledge of the legal labor market - and the candidates who are active in this market - we make the best matches possible for our clients and provide them with the best and fastest results.

We strongly believe in our approach to be an additional partner in our clients’ recruitment processes. Therefore our services are offered under flexible conditions.

Interim Services

If you are looking for an interim lawyer/ legal professional, HDDN Legal Search can help you. We maintain a large network of interim professionals with diverse legal backgrounds and specializations. We will make an inventory of your needs. Based on these needs we select the most suitable professionals. That selection is based on the desired specialization(s) and / or skills, but also on personality.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

On a temporary basis, HDDN Legal Search can support your organization by taking over parts of your recruitment process or even your entire recruitment process. Depending on the needs, we will work with you to find the right solution. If desired, we draft the job profile and the recruitment ad and decide which recruitment methods should be used. After conducting the interviews with the candidates you will decide which candidates will proceed. In short, we will take care of your recruitment process, which relieves your HR department, reduces the duration of recruitment cycles and gives you greater assurance of achieving your recruitment goals.

RPO is extremely suitable in case of (temporary) insufficient capacity in your recruitment organization. The use of the Legal Search service is included in RPO.

Legal Survey

The information retrieved by HDDN Legal Search from the candidate network is stored in our database. This information is very valuable as this information is useful for organizations to adapt labor market communication or in the context of brand positioning. HDDN Legal Search processes this information in a document that provides you with insight on how your organization is perceived. The Legal Survey can be part of the Legal Search.

Flexible workforce

HDDN Legal Search supports law firms (and, if desired, corporations) who are searching for a "flexible workforce" of independent legal professionals. This non-core workforce enables law firms to quickly process large amounts of work or offer specialized advice. This enables law firms to deliver more flexible, efficient and often less expensive services to their clients.